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Skill Farm

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28/11/2021 10:00 ST

BLU Spell hunt

Duty: Skill Farm
Level: 50
Item Level: 120
Duty Type: Dungeon
Date: Sunday - 28/11/2021

Sunday, November 28, 2021 10:00
Host: Lanara Amariyo

Need a special spell to get on with BLU quests? Looking to get that shiny BLU spell to make life (or at least the Carnivale) at least a little bit easier or more fun? Then join us on a hunt to get BLU spells from dungeons or trials/raids. We will be prioritising helpful spells from both dungeons (in 2 smaller groups) and trials/raids (as a full group). Please don’t bank Shiva & Garuda EX (Glass Dance & Feather Fall) as well as BLU log runs since we’ll be trying to get as many spells for everyone as possible. 😉 If possible, please drop a message to Lanara with any particular spells you need („I only have X spells“ also works 😉 ) – the more I can plan out ahead, the less time we have to spend on coordinating during the event and the more spells we can get everyone. 😉