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18/01/2022 18:00 ST

Weekly Evening Clear – Pandaemonium 1-4

Duty: Pandaemonium
Level: 90
Item Level: 565
Duty Type: Raid
Date: Tuesday - 18/01/2022

Tuesday, January 18, 2022 18:00
Host: Lanara Amariyo

Having taken control of the gargantuan sin eater known as Eden, Ryne continues her quest to restore the dormant elements of the Empty, with Urianger, Thancred, and the Warrior of Darkness by her side every step of the way─yet the awakening of an enigmatic young woman may put the mission in jeopardy. Will this erstwhile foe continue to pose a threat, or is there more to her heart than darkness?

Pandæmonium comprises the Greek words pan, “all”, and daimonion, “demon”; it can roughly be translated as “all demons”. Pandæmonium is the castle of Lucifer and the capital of Hell in John Milton’s Paradise Lost, and the word was invented by him. The word has also come to mean any wild disorder or chaos in English.