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Storm's Crown

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21/06/2024 19:30 ST

Farm: Storm’s Crown (Extreme)

Duty: Storm's Crown
Level: 90
Item Level: 600
Duty Type: Trial
Date: Friday - 21/06/2024

Friday, 21 June, 2024 19:30
Host: Fil Broils
Farm party for players that already have a decent grasp on the fight. We’ll be following the strat shown in the guide below 😀

We could do another fight depending on demand.

Your search for the great wyrm Azdaja in the void has brought you to Zero’s domain, where you hope to find information that will lead you to the mysterious Golbez. But it soon becomes apparent that your victory over Scarmiglione did not go unnoticed, for now another archfiend, the ravishing-but-cruel Barbariccia, has descended to challenge you. While there is no guarantee that she will yield the answers she teases, the only way is forward, and you sally forth to confront her in her stormy domain.