The Dancing Plague

11/09/2021 Event 11:00 ST

Dragon for Fina ♥ – The Dancing Plague (Extreme)

Location: The Dancing Plague
Event Type: Other
Date: Saturday - 11/09/2021

Saturday, September 11, 2021 – 11:00 am
Host: Soujiro Raha

Making sure everyone in the original group has the mount before we move on to Innocence next week!
The spots are locked for everyone that was signed in last time, other than the 2nd tank spot.

Since the great sundering of the Source, life on the resulting shards was free to grow and evolve independent of outside influence. And yet, perhaps as an indication of a greater plan or a higher purpose, a series of coincidences occurred over the long years and centuries and millennia, resulting in the birth of certain individuals with no particular relation who are nevertheless eerily similar in every respect.

Indeed, the minstreling wanderer has as powerful and vivid an imagination as any soul of the Source, and after listening attentively to your tale of Titania, he has composed a ballad that would move a man with a heart of stone to weep bitterly, and a Warrior of Darkness to walk in herhis memories of a terrible trial, albeit one somewhat enhanced and embellished. As is a minstrel’s wont.

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