Hunts/Fates 13/24

Plot 38, 8 Ward, Shirogane

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31/10/2021 19:00 ST

The Dorkening – Masquerade Glam Contest presented by Larx

Duty: Plot 38, 8 Ward, Shirogane
Level: 50
Item Level: 70
Duty Type: Hunts/Fates
Date: Sunday - 31/10/2021

Sunday, October 31, 2021 19:00 ST

On the most harrowing day of the Calendar, the Eorzean Dork Knights have been called to battle the waves of voidsent that have captured the haunted Haukke Manor. Werewolves, Critters, Wizards, Demons and Elves join forces to defeat the trixters’ challenges throughout the mansion and once again bring peace to this forgotten corner of the Black Shroud. Join us to plan the frightening escapades against the Umbral forces of the Thirteenth.

– Bring your spookiest glams
– Meetup with your favourite Dorklings for Screenshots
– Enjoy the Masquarade ball at Syrcus Tower (Amon arena)
– Guest judge: Lucy Kami

1# 3 Million Gil
2# 2 Million Gil
3# 1 Million Gil

We are going to do a Syrcus Tower run up to Amon and there the glams are getting judge.

The remaining spots will get filled over the PF. The winner(s) can be also a non EDK member.

The event will be streamed live on Twitch!