The Grand Seal Hunt 2022

06. June – 13. June 2022

No, this isn’t about killing baby seals…

As you might know there is a weekly top 500 GC Standing, ranked per Data Centre on the Lodestone. The FC Standings are also based on how many seals we earn.

This event will run for 1 week. The Results for the event will be based on the official listings, which are at 10:00 ST next Monday (13th June). Good luck ^^


>>The five best in our FC get their GC donation in the ratio 1:1 in gil. <<<

Donate 300k Seals and receive 300k Gil.

Our consolation prize for members which make it into the Standings’ top 200 is 50k Gil.

This all contributes to FC credits and our public overall standing as an FC which does well to benefit the FC when recruiting. You can help out the FC be famous and make lots of gil at the same time!