Time To Rest

Dear Members, Allied and Friends,

Your EDK team will take a little break between

★ 3rd December 2021 and 6th January 2022.

Of course we will continue to be online and may pop up with special events from time to time. We plan to organize runs of the new normal raid tier on their release, 2 weeks after 6.0 drops. Our Starlight Gallery 2021 needs filling up with beautiful snowy pictures, please submit in the screenshots channel in discord.

We’re also looking forward to the regular Starlight and Heavensturn events as well as all the challenges awaiting us in the new year. EDK will brave the new dungeons, trials and raids and experience the final chapter of the Scions’ Saga on Hydaelyn. Let’s enjoy all the heart-warming moments and all the goosebumps!

We wish all you Dorks a merry wintertime; please rest well. We should all look forward to fighting side by side for the mighty Realm of Eorzea.

EDK Team