Sanctum of the Twelve

04/08/2019 Event 17:00 ST

❤ Anniversary of Dermiana & Calyx

Location: Sanctum of the Twelve
Event Type: Wedding
Date: Sunday - 04/08/2019

Sunday, August 4, 2019 – 5:00 pm

The Ceremony of Erternal Bonding is a speacial rite of passage for two individuals wishing to pledge eacht other a lifetime of devotion. Those who would be joined, body and sould, in this most blessed of ceremoies are bid welcome to the Sanctum of the Twelve, where they may tae an oath to their union before the eyes of gods and men.

The Eternal Anniversary

“But I’ve already been bonded!” you say, “How can I appreciate all of these new features?”

You’re in luck! The brand-new Eternal Anniversary feature arrives with Patch 4.4 as well. Players who held their Ceremony of Eternal Bonding one year or more ago will be eligible to celebrate their lasting bond once more. Partners may speak to an NPC in front of the Sanctum of the Twelve in the East Shroud to register for their anniversary ceremony.

After accepting the quest from the Anniversary Registrar, players will be able to go straight in to choosing the settings for their desired ceremony and booking the venue. Keep in mind that this re-enactment does not have to follow your original ceremony plans, and you’ll be able to select all the new options, equivalent to the platinum plan in the ceremony settings menu!

While there are “thank you” gifts for invited guests, you will not receive the ceremony attire, Jandelaine’s Token or a Ceremony Chocobo from an Eternal Anniversary.

So what will it be? Will you relive your ceremony exactly as it was, celebrating the memory with exact detail? Or will you create new memories with your partner by enjoying the myriad of new options?

Whatever your choice… I’ll be waiting for my invitation!

Minions for the guests.
Invitations are in the chest.

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Best wishes
❤ Dermiana & Calyx