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Sincerely the Leadership of EDK on Zodiark

18 thoughts on “Guestbook”

  1. Hisato says:

    Great job in this Elo! Hissy is proud of you ^×^

  2. Ashlyah says:

    Joined the FC everything looks freakin awesome, discord, in-game and the site awesome work hope i will have alot of fun with all of you!

  3. Ryuma says:

    I think this site is just beautiful and easy to use. Since the new colors I find the pages even better. Keep up the good work!

  4. Bella N. says:

    I changed my password everywhere to “incorrect”. That way when I forget it, it always reminds me, “Your password is incorrect”.
    Lovely homepage! Graz!

  5. Happy Roe says:

    Happy Roe stopping by for a look See 🙂
    Looking forward to getting in again later for shenanigans.
    Toodles for now.

  6. Sak Sakelig says:

    i made this 🙂

  7. Noctis Amicitia says:

    A pumpkin and bats!
    Very cool, guys!

  8. Lubu Mykono says:

    It’s a very evocative website. Matches the interior design in the FC home.

  9. Ishandor Salemtia says:

    oh cool ITS LIKE TWITTER BUT only for my dorky dorks

  10. Arya Yggdrasil says:

    Thank you for the great work. One of the best FCs in the game <3

  11. Razemda Illusa says:

    I was Here

  12. Eve Grey says:

    Great FC 😀 only joined today and was a very warm welcome 😀

  13. Akari Lyonheart says:

    Hi, I am looking for a home for my character on Zodiark, Akari Lyonheart, they are an alt by all accounts but I spend time on her. My main in on Moogle and named Azurae.
    I took a year break and as I returned I was homeless 🙁 I feel it is a great time to meet new people. I did leave the same message on FFXIV forums, just in case haha Hope to meet everyone soon

  14. Hardcore Bubbles says:

    I am happy to be member from EDK, never knew it would be such fun in there ♥

  15. Rei Kusanagi says:

    This is an amazing FC, full of wonderful people! I haven’t felt this happy in a FC for a long time, you’re stuck with a Reirei now! ♥

  16. Sakura Fuyuko says:

    Having a well organised FC website is just the tip of an iceberg of how much work the FC people has put in for EDK. May it continue to keep growing stronger as long as FFXIV continues to do the same. <3

  17. Ayo'a says:

    EDK is without a doubt the best FC I’ve been a part of on Zodiark. The way they are organized blew me away. I love how you can see if an event has places open or not before the date. With other FCs it sometimes happened people would come for an event and then have to hear they can’t attend because the party is full. You don’t have that with the system EDK has in place. The site also shows exactly what time something starts, which is of course also an enormous plus.

    Now, the leaders are all lovely people too. I haven’t talked to many of them, but those that I did were nice and professional, in a personal way. They really love what they do and it shows.

    Do be aware that you need to tell a higher up when you’ll be offline for a longer period of time. The FC is quite large and it wouldnt be fair for them to keep everyone that’s potentially not coming back to the game on their list. Also tell them explicitly you’re going to be away again should you use the free gametime period FFXIV sometimes offers to players who’ve been away for a longer time. The leaders cannot know you don’t have a sub running and you will be kicked when afterwards you didn’t pop for more than a month ^^’. (I know it’s very specific, but it happened to me and I still hate myself for it) They of course do pick you right up again if you want to 🙂

    In short
    EDK is the best FC on Zodiark for players of any proficiency. Members and Leaders are helpful, the site is a massive plus especially for working people and there’s just this air of casual professionalism.

    Lots of love to all and perhaps we meet again in the future

  18. Tatayo Tayo says:

    Lalafell is the real end game.

    That is all. c:

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