Costa Del Sol

26/06/2021 Event 16:15 ST

EDK Beach Party

Location: Costa Del Sol
Event Type: Other
Date: Saturday - 26/06/2021

Saturday, June 26, 2020 – 16:15 ST

On a hot summer’s day, the beach is a perfect place to lie back and relax. Originally, this is the place that  caught the eye of Master Gegeruju, a wealthy Ul’dahn entrepreneur, who purchased the land and set about developing it into the style of the south sea isles. Gegeruju has not only altered the area’s flora to match his tastes—going as far as introducing species native to more tropical climes such as the Cieldalaes—but also changed its name to Costa del Sol.

Bring your best beach wear to enjoy the hot Eorzean sun – and distract yourself from your hot regular sun.

Friends welcome!