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28/03/2020 17:00 ST

BLU Skill Farm On Demand

Duty: Skill Farm
Level: 60
Item Level: 260
Duty Type: Dungeon
Date: Saturday - 28/03/2020

Saturday, March 28, 2020 – 5:00 pm
Host: Sakura Fuyuko

Blue Mage appeared in the Stormblood patch 4.5 as the first limited job. This unique job class copies an enemy’s spell and makes it possible for the Blue Mage to use the learned skill to attack. Before Shadowbringers BLU has 49 skills in total for players to learn.

The Blue Mage will only learn the skill if alive after the target has been defeated, if one BLU faints and the others get the skill, the fainted player will not receive the skill so it is required to keep all Blue Mages alive before the enemy dies. This event will help those who have yet to obtain these missing skills and wish to complete the spell book.

We will go through the easiest ways of obtaining these skills as well as having one person who has already completed this list to support them. https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Blue_Mage_Spells_Learning_Guide