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Battle on the Big Bridge

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01/01/2023 17:30 ST

BLU Tome Farm

Duty: Battle on the Big Bridge
Level: 50
Item Level: 130
Duty Type: Trial
Date: Sunday - 01/01/2023

Sunday, January 1, 2023 17:30
Host: Akina Inave

Very speedy Tome farms using Blue Mage!

What you need: Primal Spells, Final sting Combo (Whistle, Moonflute, Final Sting) and Level 5 Death.

Help is available if you are missing anything.

You can unlock this trial ahead of time through the Hildibrand ARR Questline.


In his quest to acquire the strongest of weapons, the notorious duelist Gilgamesh has long eluded authorities – until now. Forced to take a stand at the impassable Griffin Crossing, he has challenged you to a “duel.” Triumph, and he shall yield his latest prize. But should you fail, your weapons are forfeit.