Trial 7/8

The Jade Stoa

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30/10/2019 19:00 ST

The Jade Stoa – Wolf Farm unsync.

Duty: The Jade Stoa
Level: 70
Item Level: 340
Duty Type: Trial
Date: Wednesday - 30/10/2019

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 – 7:00 pm
Host: Ivor Volusus

The event will last for two hours! Bring joy and excitement with you (and also the blessings of RNGsus and Lootcifer)!

“At the heart of every auspice is a duality: the aramitama, the primal rage; and the nigimitama, the boundless calm. Byakko of the Four Lords is on the verge of being consumed by his aramitama, and should this come to pass, he will forever be no more than a feral beast. And so it falls to you and yours to face the legendary auspice in battle─to quell the madness within and save his soul! ”