Changelog 2.1.0

Hello Dorklings, 

As you can see we come to a new image on our mainpage. The FC grew over the past months and so did the memories and the fun we all had. Therefore I am pleased to bring you this pre-holiday changelog. Many new features and quirks have been added to the website, including our main feature: The EDK annual retrospective Gallery. On that note, here is a list of features and changes on the website:

  • Gallery Feature – A full gallery feature has been added to the website with an annual retrospective in diferent categories. We wish that everyone can rewatch the memories we made together.
  • New Website Design/Interface – Don’t know if you noticed, but the website features a completely new look. We have modernized the overall image of EDK and polished the looks of the news and events, as well as tried to maximise usability and information display.
  • Improved quality of life features – We have recieved a lot of feedback from people having issues with the presentation of the registration process: no notifications and sometimes error notifications that showed unnecessarily. I am pleased to say that these have been adressed and a much smoother registration process has been implemented
  • Meth lab moved to basement – I shouldn’t have said that
  • Improved loading times and structured CSS – We have improved the readability of our code, which improves loading times imense.
  • No Lootboxes  – You are welcome

As a final word on these changes. We are greatful for your continous support – all this has been built on the basis of this community, and we will keep improving and building. Many “User-input” features are planned for the future and we will try to get them to you soon enough.

With regards,
Elora and Serran