Changelog 2.2.0

It me Urthas!

Below are the majority of the changes that have been made in the past couple weeks.

General code cleanup.

I did not write this website from scratch, but I “inherited” it from someone else.
I really did not like working with it, everything was just in 1 folder. Files with hundreds and hundreds of lines.
Before i did a lot of the below changes, and future, I wanted to have something with more structure that i actually like working with.

So i rewrote, restructured, a lot of code and put everything in more logical places. This is still a WIP, but it’s getting there.
Note: I don’t actually know php, or wordpress. I’m googling a lot.
code cleanup

This also caused the most bugs, and things that stopped working.

Images in discord event links:

Small change, just added an image.
discord before after

Small change to the popups.

The popup message will now say “yourself” and you reply with “yes/no” instead of “submit/cancel”
I still think the popups look a little ugly, they’ll probably change more in the future.

Capped image height on event pages.

I thought the image on the event page was a bit big, and you’d have to scroll down too much to see the content that actually matters.
So now it’s capped at 500px. And the middle of the image is shown, which should usually be the text of the instance.
image height

Updated icons.

I updated the icons to the latest version. They now look a little fatter. I also made it so they are red when you hover, and your mouse becomes a pointer instead of nothing.

Reshaped the gallery pages.

Galleries looked a bit weird with overview of the images only taking up half the page, so you have a long page with 2 columns on the right of images.
Now it takes up the normal page width, with 4 images per row.

Custom party sizes.

This has been here a little while now. But previously you could only make events for predefined formats.
For example: 4-man party of 1 tank, 1 heal, 2 dps. Or 8-man party with 2 tanks, 2 healers, 4 dps.

Now you (we) can also make events with custom formats like 1 tank, 1 heal, 6 dps to farm content or something.
party size

New notifications.

Notifications are added for a lot of actions, or when you do something wrong during registration you’ll get it in a fancy popup 🙂