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Eden Gate: Resurrection (savage)

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20/02/2020 20:00 ST

Eden’s Verse: Fulmination (savage) E5S

Duty: Eden Gate: Resurrection (savage)
Level: 80
Item Level: 440
Duty Type: Raid
Date: Thursday - 20/02/2020

Thursday, February 20, 2020 – 8:00 pm
Host: Hector Lorenzo

Anyone wanna join us on E5S progression? Experienced and newcomers welcome. Please watch a guide beforehand.
Greetings Hector o7

Eden’s Verse Fulmination E5 in FFXIV

The first raid in this second tier is called Eden’s Verse Fulmination, or E5 for short. You’ll be facing off against a souped up Ramuh in this fight, and you can bet that this version is way tougher than the one you fought all those years ago. We’ve listed all his moves down below, along with tips on how to dodge them.

  • Crippling Blow: Tank buster. Heal as necessary.
  • Stratospear Summons: Ramuh summons spears from the sky to the ground. Look out for the shorter spear and run to that side of the arena to avoid the circular AoEs that appear around the taller spears.
  • Judgment Jolt: This attack follows Stratospear Summons quickly. As mentioned above, make sure you run to the shorter spear to avoid damage.
  • Stormcloud Summons: Two players get marked with purple markers. Drop them at the edge of the arena.
  • Judgment Volts: Group-wide attack, will one-shot you if you don’t pick up a blue orb in the arena.
  • Fury’s Bolt/Divine Judgment Volts: Group-wide attack. When Fury’s Bolt starts casting, pick up a blue orb so that you can survive Divine Judgment Volts.
  • Tribunal Summons: The first summon will be from the middle of the arena, and the field will be divided into half with a dark red row in the middle. Stand as close to the middle as possible to avoid getting pushed off the arena. The second summon has three adds at the side of the arena; move out of their way to avoid getting pushed off the arena.
  • Thunderstorm: Small circular AoEs start spawning all over the arena. Keep moving to avoid damage.

by Twinfinite