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28/11/2020 18:00 ST

F.A.T.E. Event for Gemstones (60 min.)

Duty: Fates
Level: 70
Item Level: 400
Duty Type: Hunts/Fates
Date: Saturday - 28/11/2020

Saturday, November 28, 2020 18:00 – 60 minutes
Host: Fil Broils

F.A.T.E. Kholusia & Lakeland

A Full Active Time Event (commonly abbreviated as F.A.T.E. or FATE) is a large-scale, public event that occurs at random while playing FINAL FANTASY XIV. There are several different kinds of FATEs, many with their own rewards. Each zone in the game features between 5 to 10 FATE events. FATEs are one of the quickest ways to level up other jobs/classes. FATE levels are similar to the level of the mobs in the areas in which they spawn, making it easier to find an appropriate level FATE to join. Keep your map open to be able to spot FATEs spawning in the region.

Reward Levels Edit

There are three levels of rewards for participating in a FATE. The more a player contributes to the completion of a FATE, the player will gain a medal indicating his role. Being in a group makes it easier to get a higher level reward, due to the group contribution to the FATE. It is not necessary for the FATE to succeed to be able to earn the best reward. Often, FATE parties will form with the specific purpose of ‘grinding’ FATEs to get the seals and experience.

Gold Medal– Highest rating. Max reward for experience, gil, and Grand Company seals. Some FATEs will reward players with a minion item.
Silver Medal– Second highest rating. Substantial reward for experience, gil, and Grand Company seals. No minion reward.
Bronze Medal– Third highest rating. Decent reward for experience, gil, and Grand Company seals. No minion reward.

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