Introducing: Dark Mode

Hello Dorklings,

for some time there has been a widespread request for a toggleable “Dark Mode”. For those who prefer a darker ambience for the presentation of the website are now able to toggle the Dark Mode by logging in and using the given toggle slider next to their profile avatar. The mode will only snap if logged in, but must only be toggled once.

Technical Info

This is a very basic version of the Dark Mode and some styles might look off and weird. The styling of this mode will be expanded in the future and should have a standalone full version. About some technical notes: This script uses a cookie, it is a web dev tool that the developer can use to save a value on your browser. The dark mode uses such a cookie and saves a value on your PC/Browser which mode you prefer. This is why the mode will be saved upon log in, but you will have to enable it for every device seperately. This also means if you would delete the cookie history on your PC, the Dark Mode will reset.

I hope your enjoy the new features and improvements on the Website, we work hard to ensure you have the best and most exclusive feeling, being a part of EDK.

With regards Serran.