01/03/2019 Event 00:00 ST

Iverinn’s Garden Madness

Location: Eorzea
Event Type: Other
Date: Friday - 01/03/2019

(Or How To Raise 200 Onions Till March)


Hyur / Midlander

28th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon

Menphina, the Lover

Limsa Lominsa

Grand Company:
Order of the Twin Adder / Second Serpent Lieutenant

Free Company:
Eorzean Dork Knights

Hey everyone my name is Iverinn,

For the ones that do not know me. I am the person in game that logs to 8 different characters most of the time, why? To gather seeds and soils and garden. I tend to 27 garden deluxe patches spread over 21 houses. Everyone with a small house can have one. :D You can put in 8 cosy plants in it to grow for example krakka Root. Or you cross-breed thavnairian onions. :D This I do both in big quantity’s. If you put your chocobo in the stables you and others can train your chocobo by rewarding krakka root while using the training option. With pride, I can say that we are one of the few FCs that let people use krakka root for free so every member can level up their chocobo.

Every Friday I give A Chocobo levelling event wich only take between 10/30 minutes. This way everyone can earn a thavnairian onion and chocobo exp. Thavnairian onions you need to be able to be allowed levelling up your chocobo abouve level 10. This way levelling up your chocobo costs you no gil! Else it cost you millions. :O

Welcome to join the Bird Levelling Event every Friday

Project 10000 Krakka Root
When I joined EDK I noted that krakka Root was provided by officers out of their own pockets. I decided to take over the entire Krakka root production and make it so that It covers its own expenses. Via mining Shroud soils grade 1 and 3 and buying a lot of krakka root seeds I grew 10000 Krakka root. I sold 1/3 of them in order to cover all the amount gil needed. Reselling Krakkaroot does take quite some time compared to what we use on daily basis. I believe that for beginning players the costs to buy own krakka root is too big. For all members of EDK krakka root is for free and always there on every tab in the FC chest.

Project 200 Thavnairian Onions in 3 months
Normally a full cross-breed cycle for thavnairian onions takes 21 days. 5 days for the first two cross-breeds another 6 for the special seed cross-breed plus 10 days for the growing thavnairian onion seeds. Since I am not growing 1 but 200 thavnairian onions I take my good old time, so I can have healthy breaks in between And if you ask me why before April? Else I run out of thavnairian onions for the chocobo levelling event.

Now where it gets’s interesting, starting yesterday I began a 3-month taking project to cross-breed 200 thavnairian onions. This needed/needs a lot of planing and calculation. You have to cross 4 different plants with each other to have a chance of getting special seeds. And afther that you have to again cross those two growing seeds for a chance of thavnairian onion seeds.

Preparations of cross-breeds
I calculated all the chances via obtaining all the data of the past 8 months to predict the amount of all the required seeds and soils. To give a global idea here. It took up to 3 months to gather up around 1140 thanalan top soils. Happily I had help on this, because you can only get 1 thanalantop soil every 70 minutes in game via mining timed nods. I levelled two miners, so I can mine a timed nod twice. Sadly that gives only 22 soils if you are 12 hours a day online and exhaust your self. Seeds are worse, Those you can only gather chance based. And the chance of getting them is quite low. Luckily you can obtain seeds and soils via retainers. I have 6 retainers spread out over three different characters to gather up all the immense needs of seeds and soils. Via the Tank in need quest I farm up seals which I trade in for the venture coins that you need. I join in for S rank hunts as well in order to keep up the amount of venture coins.

Chocobo-House in the Goblet: Home of Iverinn

Gardening is for everyone!
You need to buy a house to be able to garden :S which means a beginner player needs at least 2 million in order to be able to garden. The FC garden is for everyone and I personally see to it that every player if wished get’s an introduction into how to garden and a change to use the FC garden for private reasons. It is my biggest wish to share my happiness that gardening and Chocobo‘s give me.
Thanks everyone who helped me and is currently helping! The one and only reason why I am able to do what I do is the big trust that people have in me and allowing them to use their gardens. All the help Is always welcome since I can not ever have enough thanalan topsoils seeds or help training the chocobo‘s or just watering via tending gardens.

See you all in game :D

Your Court Gardener
Iverinn Antura