Monthly Event – A Masquerade with Namazu (?!)

Saturday, December 15, 2018
Host: Arya Yggrasil

Hello everyone, welcome to EDK monthly event page.

Here we will be organising various monthly events which will give various rewards. To keep peace within our community and to make these events as objective and equal as possible, there will be some rules for the contestants to follow if they decide to join the monthly events.


1. We must remember that the purpose of these events is to have fun. Rewards are the sugar on top, but the main goal here is to have fun and make good memories within FC. Participants who cause any distress will be removed from the event and they won’t be able to join another monthly event for next 3 months. So please let’s have fun first.

2. Everyone who wish to join the event may join as long as they are a member of EDK. Only members of the EDK can attend the events.

3. A voting system will be there to determine the winners. Details about the voting will be explained later. Any FC member can vote. Partipicants have to agree with the results of the voting. Also, to prevent any distress within the FC, participants won’t be able to see who voted for their work. Only the number of people will be shown but their identitiy will be hidden.

4. Any modding is forbidden for screenshots. Any screenshot modded won’t be considered for the competition.

5. Participants can only use one piece of cashshop item. Since cashshop items are tied to real life money, and since we have various of people who has different kind of income, we don’t want an unfair situation for our members. To make it as equal as possible, you can use cashshop items within the events but it can only contain one piece.

6. Any NSFW content isn’t allowed. 7. There will be event days that voting will occur. Some events may require participants to be online. If there is any reason a participant may not be online that day, please let me know. Otherwise participant will be dismissed if they don’t attend the event without notice.


A Masquerade with Namazu (?!)

Start: 15th of December
End: 13th of January

Event Theme

With the celebration of Blue Mage coming to Eorzea, we are having a masquerade! Players will glamour themselves into a fabolous masked ball event that will wow everyone around them!


Winner: Red Hare Mount
2nd Place: New World Glamour Set
3rd Place: Wind-up Magnai & Wind-up Sadu Minions


There will be 3 challenges you must endure to become the fanciest masked Eorzean of the month!

1st Challenge

Start time: 15th of December
Deadline: 22th of December

Namazu is having a festival of their own to prevent their extinction right now! Why wouldn’t you, a fancy masked hero join them?

Take your best screenshot of you and a namazu with you fully glamoured! That will certainly save them from extinction, yes, yes!

Namazu are hungry. Namazu are greedy, yes, yes. We want 3 screenshots!

Voting will take place on 23th of December. Winners will be announced and 2nd Challenge will be announced on 24th of December.

Good luck everyone!

Arya Yggdrasil