Raid 8/8

Omega 8 (unsynched)

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01/02/2020 19:00 ST

Sigmascape V4.0 (Savage) – Mount Farm unsynced

Duty: Omega 8 (unsynched)
Level: 80
Item Level: 400
Duty Type: Raid
Date: Saturday - 01/02/2020

Saturday, February 1, 2020 – 7:00 pm
Host: Fil Aspici

The mount is a guaranteed drop so we’ll try to do 8 runs max to make sure everyone will get it.

The urge to flip switches is almost irresistible… even when you know full well the consequences for doing so. Once more your finger moves as if of its own accord, and activates the second phase of the Savage Initiative. As the gentle arrangement drifts from the terminal, you are transported to a remembered vista of the Sigmascape, each lapping wave of the song swelling the boundary of your memories…

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