Starlight Raffle Day 24

As part of which grand company was EDK created?

A: Order of the Twin Adder

B: Maelstrom

C: Immortal Flames

D: Kugane Carps

The prize will be raffled under all correct submissions by a random name picker.

E-Mail to:

  • Everyone may only estimate once.
  • Only members can join the game.
  • Closing date is 24. December 2020, 23:59 pm server time.


1. 1.000.000 Gil
2. 500.000 Gil
3. 250.000 Gil

Good luck ♥

The right answer is: A: Order of the Twin Adder

The question seemed harder than expected. We thought it was clear that bards come from Gridania (tree huggers). :joy: Only two people answered correctly.
That’s why we’ve rounded our price up and each of them gets 1.000.000 Gil! Congratulations Regulus Caelum and Fil Broils! :partying_face: :tada: