The Minstrel’s Ballad – Tsukuyomi’s Pain

Saturday, July 21, 2018 – 3:00 pm

Hey everyone ^
Please watch a guide beforehand and have a general understanding of the mechanics. Hopefully we get a few people that have yet to clear the fight but if enough players with experience joins, we could do a farm party.
Soujiro San

Castrum Fluminis

Upon hearing of your final encounter with Yotsuyu and the primal to whom she surrendered her will the wandering minstrel composes a tanka with sorrow. Had Yotsuyu been born in a different time, a different place, would she have lived a simple life unsullied by acts of violence and cruelty? Or were the seed of villainy always there, their growth merely hastended by circumstance?

These questions bring to mind Tsukuyomi‘s overwhelming malice, your memories now suffused by the tragedy of the minstrel’s verse…

You’ll be rewarded with a Lunar Totem, for which 10 can be exchanged in Rhalgr’s Reach for an i365 Tsukiyomi weapon of your choice.