Time To Rest

Dear Members, Allied and Friends,

the EDK team takes a little break from

★ 24th December 2020 to 7th January 2021.

Of course we will continue to be online and we will surprise you with special events from time to time. Also we need to fill our Starlight Gallery with beautiful snow pictures. We hope for numerous submissions in our screenshot discord channel.

Furthermore, the traditional Starlight event and Heavensturn of SE takes place. Read on for details.

New challenges await us in the new year. We look forward to EDK’s first try of the new unreal, extreme trial and much more.

As of December 2020, our PHP version 7.2 is no longer officially supported and we or better Urthas Nyth will upgrade our homepage to the next version. It is therefore possible that our site will not be available for a few days. Please don’t panic! xD

We wish you all a merry wintertime, rest well and we’re looking forward to fighting by your side again next year for the realm of Eorzea.

EDK team