Weekly Lodestone Rankings – EDK on top

This Week’s rankings have yielded surprising results. Though it is not uncommon to see EDK on the top of Zodiark, it is however a great feat for us to rank among the top 50 worldwide. EDK sparks with a glorious 37th place, competing with over 1200 FC ranking top 100 on their respective datacenters. We the EDK lead wish to extend our thanks to all member, new and old, veteran and beginner for participating and pushing us so far.

Standings Server
Standing Worldwide

Our FC came a long way, and has enjoyed mostly a prosperous and respected community. We wish to continue this trend, and offer everyone the best time possible. We are excited to see where our path will lead, and how much we can achieve, not only on a server scale, but also on a global.

May you ever walk in the light of the Crystal,
Sincerely EDK Lead